About Us

Spark Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1989. In more than 30 years, it has become leader from India in the field of Bicycle Transmission Systems. More than 85% of the production is being exported to European OEM's. The Company has kept quality and service as its focus since inception. It is already an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified and has achieved SA 8000 compliance. ZED and AEO Certificates given by Govt. of India. Freewheels manufactured at Company's plant, conform to EU Standard EN 4210-2:2015 & EN14766, French Standard NFR 03-020 & British Standard BS 6102 Part 1: 1992. These achievements have been made possible by a qualified and knowledgeable R&D team who worked round the clock. Spark Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has always focused on building customer’s satisfaction by following Principles of 4Rs i.e. providing the right product at right price, on the right place and within the right time. No doubt, our customer’s confidence in Spark Engineering is growing in leaps and bounds and all efforts will be made to sustain it, by continuous process of product & quality improvement. Ethical Business Practices is our motto and we will honour this commitment and bring pride to all its stakeholders by committing Social Compliance.


A 30+ year old Company. Family of the Promoters have been in this field for more than 60 years with 4th generation now working in it.


Company has ISO, AEO and ZDE certification. Also, the Company is 5S compliant. It has won many awards for highest export of Bicycle & parts in our category. The Company has also passed 3rd agency audits of various customers with high scores.

Core Values

The Company is maintaining environmental compliances. It is working on principle of win-win solution for the Company and all stakeholders.

Quality Assurance

Our quality programmes, including those in the pipeline and the ones already achieved, are 5S, Kaizen Quality Circles, TPM and SPC with a final vision of achieving Six Sigma. The proof of the quality of our products is reflected by consistent supplies to some of the largest European customers as well as Indian OEMs.


The Company is leader in multi speed freewheels and gear systems for bicycles in India.


We understand the importance of customer relations and work alongwith them to achieve greater heights. Also, we look forward to entering new markets. We have and will continue to develop new products.


Our team of researchers constantly improve design to make product life longer as well work as per the requirement of the customer.

Brand building

The Company has been continuously investing to make consistent quality and that is why the products have a very low PPM rate.

Brand building

The Company has been making its prescence in some of the best exhibitions for bicycles in the world. Now, the Company plans to exhibit products in these exhibitions for better visibility.


Real time technology is changing the way we connect with people today. We believe communicating with business partners and potential clients is the way to building a stronger relationship and grow our business.